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5 best PSLE & O’Level English tuition classes from parent feedback

With English being the main language in which all other subjects are taught in schools, parents are starting to see it as the foundational block to education success in Singapore. Students who do poorly in English rarely go on to excel in their studies.

After gathering feedback from many of our staff writers and parents, we’ve come up with the list of 5 best English tuition classes in the East.

The Learning Lab (TLL)

After the owners sold stake worth more than S$300m in 2014 to a capital company, TLL has been using that money to seriously grow the brand. Armed with the most nicely renovated centres and a long list of teachers, TLL is the go-to name for well-heeled parents in Singapore.

The teachers spend time engaging and creating interesting content for students which help to promote better attention in class. TLL also provides a dedicated front desk and parent communication team to make sure that you’re kept up to date on the latest developments with your child.

Despite TLL listed for sale again at S$500m, we don’t expect a drop in teaching quality and environment, even if new management comes in.

Phi Learning

Phi Learning is an English tuition specialist with its sole outlet is at Parkway Parade. However, it’s still regarded among parents in the know as one of the best English tuition centres in Singapore. While other centres personalise teaching styles and some material for students, Phi Learning is the only centre in Singapore where even study material and notes are tailored for every individual student. This brings about a level of personalized attention similar to 1-on-1 tuition, while still having the social and discussion benefits of a group setting.

Global issues, pop culture and geopolitical matters are constant subjects of debate and discussion which cultivates students who think far above their peers’ levels. Due to this, Phi Learning is known to have attracted classes full of gifted students attending IP programs. If your child’s academic success is more important than a big brand tuition chain, this should be your #1 choice.

British Council

Established for more than 80 years, the British Council is the pioneer in English classes. They are a specialist and expert in English tuition and do not get sidetracked teaching other subjects. All schools in Singapore teach British English as a standard so their teachings are very much in line with what’s required to excel at MOE schools.

However, unlike other local tuition centres, British Council also sprinkles in a little bit of UK-influence in their teaching style. This means less focus on academic drills and repetitive worksheets and more on helping students develop holistically – perfect for the future global citizen.

Stalford Learning Centre

This is another big brand backed by major investment capital. Similar to TLL, they are a massive business at its core and have some of the most well equipped and nicely renovated centres around. Parents will also be delighted to know that Stalford Learning Centre offers tuition for multiple subjects, allowing you to do back-to-back lessons easily. This convenience is something money cannot buy.

Yet another big plus for attending Stalford Learning Centre is the large number of locations they have across the country. This means that even if you end up shifting house because of your children’s schools, there’s always a Stalford Learning Centre near you that can continue on the same teaching method and curriculum without disruption.


Aspirehub is a brand that’s over 20 years old and very experienced in the tuition scene. Although they’re highly regarded in English tuition, they also teach almost every other subject under the sun and have a large team of full-time teachers.

As one of the pioneers in the scene, Aspirehub has had time to develop a proprietary in-house curriculum that focuses not just on academic progress but overall student development as well. However, due to their large organization size, you cannot be sure of which teacher will end up teaching your child, hence, it’s always best to take a trial lesson first and make sure you’re comfortable with the teacher assigned to you.