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5 affordable enrichment classes for primary and secondary school students in Singapore

Looking for effective and affordable enrichment classes for your child to give them a head start? With all the options available, it can be challenging to decide which classes will truly nurture your child’s talents.

To help you make a wise decision that’ll pay off, we’ve shortlisted some noteworthy (and budget-friendly) enrichment classes in Singapore.

Best enrichment classes in Singapore 2021

SchoolsAge GroupCourse Details
British CouncilNursery 1 to Kindergarten 1 (three to five years old)

Kindergarten 2 (six years old)

Speech and Drama (five to six years old)

Reading Booster (six years old)
English course to nurture student’s creativity, critical thinking and social skills

English course to equip students with the early-literacy phonic strategies

Theme-based course using rhymes, poems, songs, storybooks, discussions and drama activities

English course to develop student’s ability to read with greater confidence and fluency
Coding LabLIVE E-Learning Classes

Pre-Schooler (four to six years old)

Lower Primary (seven to nine years old)

Upper Primary (10 to 12 years old)

Secondary & JC (13 to 18 years old)

Academics (17 to 18 years old)

Special Programmes

2-Hour E-Learning Coding Workshops (7 to 12 years old)
Classes to learn coding for problem-solving, critical thinking and other 21st-Century skills

Courses include Junior Coders Programme and Basic Computer Skills

Courses include Scratch 1, 2 visual programming language and Young Computer Scientist

Courses include App Inventor 1 and 2, Python Junior 1 and 2, Advanced Computer Scientists

Courses include Python 1 to 3 and Python Perfect 1 to 3International Baccalaureate (IB) Java Tutoring

National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI) Preparation Course

Trial e-learning workshop for those new to coding
Heguru Education CentreInfant & Toddler Course​(six months to four years old )

Preschool Course​(five to six years old )

Primary Course(seven to 12 years old)
Develop the abilities of the right brain during formative years while strengthening bonds between parents and children

Strength the right brain abilities while developing the left brain’s cognitive and analytic thinking skills

Attain full right brain activation while bridging with the left brain to enhance learning abilities
Public Speaking AcademyGroup Training (9 to 18 years old)

School Holiday Programmes (nine to 12 and 13 to 18 years old)

Premium One-to-One Training
One-year Speech Excellence Programme targeted at an all-rounded and holistic education programme for students to advance in public speaking techniques

A 2-day Masterclass to learn effective public speaking skills, overcome stage fright and prepare for Oral Exam / DSA interviews

Customised public speaking learning journey
Aureus AcademyMusic and vocal lessons (from 4 years old)Musical instruments include: Piano, Violin, Guitar, Cello, Brass & Drum

1. English language skills at British Council

PHOTO: Pixabay

The British Council in Singapore teaches English to young learners using a suite of programmes designed to incorporate active learning and hands-on exploration to develop students’ speaking confidence and socialisation skills.

With a mandate to advocate British education and training that is aligned with the syllabus set by the Singapore Ministry of Education, their courses focus on providing a strong foundation in English and a love for learning so that students can advance their written and verbal communication skills.

To get the best value for their courses, make sure to register early because that’ll entitle your child to a $100 discount. Also, take advantage of the free trial classes so that your child can get first-hand experience of what their courses offer before signing up.

2. Coding skills at Coding Lab

PHOTO: Pexels

Coding Lab was founded by an MIT Master’s alumnus and is currently operating in Singapore, Japan, and Australia. Known for its award-winning curriculum that challenges students to develop computational thinking and problem-solving skills, their courses cover a wide range of coding topics and are designed for students between four to 18 years of age.

If you’re not sure whether a coding class is right for your child, consider signing up for a trial class to find out. The trial session is priced at $55 and you can get a further discounted price of $35 if you sign up during the promotional period.

3. Critical thinking skills at Heguru Education Centre

PHOTO: Pixabay

This enrichment class offers the Heguru Education which was developed from over 30 years of extensive research. The courses focus on effective lessons that incorporate special use of lighting and sound. At Heguru Education Centre, their goal is to help students improve their critical thinking skills and boost self-esteem. Their educators believe that brain development is most critical during formative years from six months to four years old, which is why Heguru is one of the few enrichment centres in Singapore that offers holistic brain enrichment programmes for babies as young as six months old.

4. Presentation skills at Public Speaking Academy

PHOTO: Pexels

The Public Speaking Academy was founded in 2009 and offers World Champion public speaking courses including weekly classes for children, intensive boot camps to inculcate public speaking skills, and customised programmes with specific goals.

The academy also prides itself on its strong team of professional public speaking trainers led by master trainer and founder, Darren Tay, also known as Singapore’s first World Champion of Public Speaking. The highly qualified team regularly update themselves with modern public speaking techniques so that they can keep their students up-to-date with public speaking practices.

5. Music lessons at Aureus Academy

PHOTO: Pexels

Aureus Academy is a leading music school with over 15,000 students spread across over 20 branches in Singapore. The academy’s music lessons are designed to train students in engaging manners to suit their learning style so that they can build an excellent foundation that’ll lead them to an enjoyable musical learning experience.

Aureus Academy specialises in providing tailored piano lessons, violin lessons, guitar lessons, and vocal lessons for students of all ages and ability levels. If you’re not sure whether a music class is worth the money, Aureus offers free trial lessons before signing up.

Nurture your child’s talents with enrichment classes in Singapore

There is no limit to what your child can achieve, so why not sign them up for enrichment classes to help develop their talents? While these courses may be online temporarily during Phase 2, they’re still a great way to give your child the head start that they deserve.

To save money on enrichment classes, consider using a credit card that offers great rewards and cashback for signing up for online enrichment classes.

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